Summary of Qualifications

  • Four years of experience in residential property management services, including property checks, arranging of maintenance, and move-in and move-out inspections
  • Four years of experience coordinating moving projects, performing property checks on vacant houses, and inventorying client property
  • Four years of experience accumulating a list of reputable vendors in plumbing, electrical maintenance and repairs, furnace and boiler repair and replacement , HVAC, packing and moving services, mold remediation, and other residential services
  • Maintained high ethical standards while working with confidential material
  • Seven years of experience in all kinds of business writing (copy writing, letters, mass e-mails, etc.), editing and proofreading, and collaborating with others to revise a piece of writing
  • Seven years of experience in administrative communication by answering phones and emails and preparing other communications for clients and constituents
  • Seven years of experience responding to the phone calls, emails, and other requests of clients and political constituents for political campaigns and a fiduciary services company
  • Seven years of experience reading and researching legal documents and various other topics
  • Experience adapting to changing circumstances and remaining positive in stressful situations
  • Excellent work ethic, self-motivated, and with the ability to establish my own priorities and deadlines
  • Ability to read and understand legal documents
  • Expertise in drafting responses to customer inquiries and researching important topics
  • Ability to organize client data and records
  • Project management, teamwork, multi-tasking, and leadership skills

Relevant Experience

  • July 2020-Present Owner-Operator of Caldara Mobile Notary
    • Act as a notary signing agent to oversee loan signings for real estate purchasing, refinancing, and other proceedings related to residential property
    • Travel to clients’ homes or offices to perform loan signings
    • Perform quality checks both before and after each loan signing
    • Protect client personal and financial data by complying with all privacy laws and deleting and shredding personal and financial information when it’s no longer needed
    • Perform other notarizations as needed
  • April 2016-April 2020 Administrative and Property Manager for Lotus Fiduciary Group
    • Communicated with clients, client interested parties, and other professionals via phone and email to clarify objectives and ensure projects are carried out correctly
    • Performed online research into landlord/tenant law, platforms to be used in distributing digital writing, property management companies, and many other topics
    • Consistently performed research and coordinate with other professionals to determine the processes necessary to perform tasks I am unfamiliar with, such as evictions
    • Composed communications to be sent to vendors with which a client does business to allow Lotus to act on the client’s behalf
    • Drafted emails to dissatisfied clients and interested parties to prevent further conflict
  • August 2015-April 2016 Self-Employed as an Administrative Office Professional
    • Allowed business to save time and money by providing administrative services, such as spreadsheet creation, document drafting, and online research
    • Assisted business owners in writing the content for their websites
    • Communicated regularly with clients to establish project objectives
    • Managed projects for several clients simultaneously
    • Researched information related to clients’ businesses, such as senior services
    • Redesigned and optimized client LinkedIn pages
  • January 2015-May 2015 Policy Analyst for the Colorado State Senate
    • Read and wrote summaries for over 300 pieces of proposed legislation
    • Managed an Excel spreadsheet listing all proposed legislation, summaries of all legislation, and the votes recorded during each stage of the legislative process
    • Drafted op-eds to be featured in major publications
    • Monitored senate committee meetings and summarized meeting results
    • Compiled weekly packets in Microsoft Word listing the schedule by which bills were to be heard


  • 2011, University of Colorado Denver
  • Bachelor of Arts, Professional Writing with Minors in History and Political Science
  • GPA: 3.97

Memberships and Awards

  • 2006 Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 794 of the Boy Scouts of America
    • Organized and led a service project in which I raised over $3000, purchased shelving units from Costco, and instructed and collaborated with other boys as they set them up for use in the basement of the Denver Ronald McDonald House
  • 2005 Senior Patrol Leader position in Troop 794 of the Boy Scouts of America
    • Opened and closed every meeting and made sure the meetings ran smoothly
    • Coordinated with other troop leaders to schedule campouts, service projects, and other events

Volunteer Experience

  • August 2020-Present Finance Committee Member with the Boy Scot’s of America’s Black Feather District
  • 1996-2006 Volunteer for various Eagle Scout service projects